Decision Cloud™
The Leading Decision Intelligence Platform
that Informs Actions

What We Do

We give you back control over the complexity, variability, and speed that overwhelms confidence in decision-making and undermines successful outcomes in modern business through recognition of connections between powerful data and essential individuals. We give your team(s) the confidence they need to be successful.

How it Works

Our Decision Cloud™ platform incorporates a deep learning knowledge-graph with an active sense-and-response architecture, powering a decision intelligence engine whose unequalled technology understands complex interdependencies between data and people in an increasingly uncertain business environment.

Why Us

We have built a platform and scalable technology that delivers Decision Intelligence needed in today’s globally integrated business environment. Our solution is not intended to replace any existing system, but rather to embrace and extend its functionality so that critical decisions are being made with the full force of knowledge and wisdom that lies untapped in your organization.

Guessing on Inaccurate Data and Insights is Enemy #1

Element Data powers decision-making for industries overwhelmed by complex, conflicting, and inaccurate data which leads to poorly thought out outcomes, or (worse) just a guess. We realize the tidal wave of “big data” is crippling the process of uncovering actionable insights, eating away at productivity and undermining the bottom line of our partners. By offering a robust Decision Cloud™ platform, we are saying goodbye to high risk, low reward decisions, and our partners are saying hello to more profits.

No Decision is too Small for our Decision Cloud™

Decision Cloud™ leverages machine learning to provide unprecedented insights into why individuals and groups make the decisions they do. Our platform analyzes the options, criteria, and other factors that yield the most influence, to give our partners the ability to predict outcomes before they happen.

Our Team

With a combined 100+ years of expertise bringing cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to new markets, our team is able to deliver an enterprise scale platform that offers the convenience and flexibility companies and consumers demand.

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