Make Better Decisions

What We Do

We harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve decision-making through cognitive computing.

Why We Do It

Our goal is to help individuals and organizations consistently make decisions that result in greater overall satisfaction and confidence.

Our Product

We’ve developed a decision support software platform through our proprietary Decision Insights and Computation Engine (DICE).

Your Life is Defined by Your Decisions

32% of Americans say they regret the major choices they have made in their lives, such as when/where they went to school, the profession they chose, the business and family choices they’ve made, and where/when they worked*.

This has resulted in wasted years, wasted money and wasted budgets where people are not living their lives to their full potential.

What stops us from making the right decisions?  It is either the lack of options or too many options.


Today’s artificial intelligence, big data, and predictive analytics systems can only handle easily quantifiable data.

That means, when it comes to unquantifiable uncertainties the system will either fail or give an inaccurate prediction.

For these platforms to function with accuracy, they need to operate in conjunction with human decision making: the human element.

Our Team

Element Data has brought together a team of behavioral scientists, world-class artificial intelligence and machine learning experts, and seasoned tech industry veterans named in over 50 awarded patents.

Our team has extensive experience in start-ups and large corporations including, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, Starbucks, Deloitte & Touche, and WPP.

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