Element Data Acquires BehaviorMatrix Technology and Patent to Quantify Human Emotion and Behavior


Seattle, WA (October 3, 2017) –

Element Data, Inc., a decision support software platform that harnesses artificial intelligence and machine learning has acquired the assets and patent of BehaviorMatrix, LLC, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area technology company specializing in understanding human emotion and behavioral cues from digital communication.

The acquisition will further evolve the technological capabilities of the world’s first cognitive decision engine by bringing clarity to data and scientific measurement to emotion simplifying the complex process of understanding emotions from vast amounts of digital content.

Element Data’s Chief Technology Officer Charles Davis said, “Decision making frequently includes an emotional component. Humans make irrational decisions due to extenuating circumstances. Acquiring BehaviorMatrix’s technology and key patent will allow us to better understand the emotional drivers impacting the decision-making process.”

BehaviorMatrix’s Chief Executive Officer Dave Rolston said, “We are excited to see our technology integrated into Element Data’s suite of products and believe understanding emotion is key to understanding how decisions are made.”
The engineering team of Element Data is comprised of veteran developers, software architects and mathematicians with world-class expertise and named on over 50 awarded patents. The existing engineering team and advisors include:

  • Charles Davis, CTO, exited five start-ups and is the holder of several key patents in the behavioral biometric field including the ability to positively establish individual identity from keystroke patterns alone, and the development of the first quantitative model to determine emotional content in digital communication.
  • Vish Vadlamani, Senior Vice President of Engineering, has 25+ years of extensive software development experience in global knowledge-based systems at companies including Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.
  • Phani Vaddadi, Senior Vice President of Product, brings 25+ years of experience focused on semantics and knowledge systems, natural language processing, machine learning, query and document understanding, database, analytics, knowledge graphs, and cloud architecture.
  • Stephen Lawler, Advisor, was formerly a Vice President at Amazon.com and a 15-year veteran of Microsoft with roles including CTO of Bing Maps, General Manager of Software Development for Bing Mobile, Bing Maps, Local Search, MSN and Virtual Earth.
  • Erik Jorgensen, Advisor, is currently Chairman of Vexcel Imaging, and former Corporate Vice President and 20-year veteran of Microsoft.

Element Data is headquartered in Bellevue, WA.

Media Relations: Cyrus Krohn
(858) 633-7359