Decision Cloud™

One Decision Platform. Tailored For Your Business.

Make It Easy to Manage Customer Interactions

No matter the decision, Decision Cloud™ is up to it – and then some. Decision Cloud™ offers far more power than most analytics, insights, and predictive platforms out there, yet is delightfully simple to use. And it all comes together with the tools your company already uses every day. Everything you want in an insights platform.


With Decision Cloud™ you can now identify people and communities with intent, interest, and emotional affinity in the process of making a purchase decision. Maximize your budgets by understanding the difference between individuals who are actual prospects versus being on a lead generation list.


With Decision Cloud™ your audience’s questions are answered. Our attribute rich database contextualizes decision-making down to the one-to-one relationship. We enable you to begin your customer engagement inside a single platform.


Making complicated decisions is easy with Decision Cloud™. Corporate decision-makers are focused on solving operational efficiencies, customer demand, product marketing, and sales problems. When integrated into your existing ecosystem, the options are endless. You can resolve some of the toughest questions and complex issues faster, delivering an unmatched solution to your teams, customers, and prospects.

The Next Time Siri Says: “I don’t understand.”

Life and business involve problem-solving, decision-making, analyzing, comparing, synthesizing, prioritizing, and juggling multiple variables. Next time Siri stutters, Alexa coughs, Watson hides, or Google hangs their head, think of Element Data.

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path.  Ask about Element Data’s Decision Cloud™, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Our highly trained reps are standing by, ready to help.