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Our Product – DICE

Element Data has created a technology platform called Decision Insights Computation Engine, known as DICE, that provides unprecedented insights into the why of human decision making and uncovers the factors that drive predictable outcomes.

DICE does this by tapping into options, criteria, biases, and conditions that form the basis for any given decision and all considered alternatives. It is then delivered in a detailed compilation of analytics and psychographic and demographic insights – allowing individuals and organizations to influence their larger decisions.

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Provide the options and criteria for your decision using a simple, intuitive interface.

DICE guides you through a process of decision exploration that is designed to capture the required information to power optimal decision making.


Utilizing a patent pending process that leverages artificial intelligence, DICE analyzes all the elements of your decision, dynamically evaluating options against your criteria, and uncovering biases. DICE identifies the conditions and considerations needed to resolve your decision with the best conclusion based on your objectives and priorities.

We call the technology and discipline we have pioneered Decision Insights and Intelligence (DII).


You receive a conclusive determination as well as a comprehensive, yet easy to understand visual report and detailed summary of the recommendations regarding your decision. You’ll know the implications of changing any condition, criteria, or option, and its immediate impact on your decision.

DICE provides you with the confidence to know that you had access to the utmost consideration and judgment in reaching a conclusion.